COVID 19 Studio Protocol 

Please ensure you have read, understood and accepted these Guidelines before you book a class, workshop or course:

Symptoms – Please do not come to a class if you show any of the Covid-19 Symptoms. Regrettably, any missed time cannot be made up.

Hands – Please wash your hands on arrival at the studio, and regularly during the class. Feel free to bring your own sanitizer.

Face Coverings – Please wear a face covering at all times within the studio. If you wish to work without a face covering, then you can work outside the studio at your own risk on an outside table, weather permitting.

Distancing – Please ensure you are 1.5m away from all other students at all times. Please take particular care when using the sinks and the toilets.

Tools – Please bring your own, if not we will provide you with a set for the duration of your class or workshop.

All shared items such as boards, rolling pins, glaze pots and buckets, tables and wheels will be regularly cleaned and sprayed between each class.

Food and Drinks – Please bring your own – eating is not allowed in the studio at present.

Please leave all unnecessary possessions in your cars such as bags and coats.

Tea and coffee making facilities are not available at present.

Sitting areas for lunch are provided outside or in the foyer.

Thank you