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Demonstration Pieces

    All these pieces I have really enjoyed making, glazing, and firing, in front of the camera.

I have got so much better and quicker at producing, editing, and publishing the videos. Although I still have so much to learn. I hope you have been enjoying them as much as I have been making them.  I will be continuing so please keep watching.


    The pots have turned out well too!  I have been testing new glaze recipes, some I have been kindly given and others found in books. All reduction glazes; Shinos, Celadons, Ash glazes, Nukas, and Chun glazes, applied over different clays and clay slips.

     Fired in our Joe Finch gas/wood kiln built as a soda kiln. We finally understand each other and I am getting some fantastic results. I have been using it for reduction only here.  It has only been fired 3 or 4 times with soda or salt so there is not much residue left in it, which can affect the results. But I welcome the unexpected and love salt or soda effects so that's not a problem.  

                                                               Enjoy browsing!  

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