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Here is the list of videos so far


Throwing Tutorial Part 1 - Coning and Centring by Katrina Pechal  

Throwing Tutorial Part 2 - Lifting the wall by Katrina Pechal 

Throwing Tutorial Part 3 - Extra Tips by Katrina Pechal 

Making a Teapot by Stephen Parry 

Throwing and Turning a Bowl with Katrina

Me demonstrating using my homemade Paddles 

Demo Throwing Bottles 1 

Demo Throwing Bottles 2 

Demo Throwing Bottles 3 

Demo Throwing and Turning a Moon Jar 

Turning Teabowls 

Throwing Lids 

Throwing and Turning more Lids 

Throwing galleries for Lids 

Making Teapots 1

Making Teapots 2 

Finishing Teapot 1

Finishing Teapot 2

More help on Lifting the wall Throwing

Different ways to finish the bottoms of pots – Feet

Making Plates

Different examples of shaping Spouts on jugs 


Pit Firing in the garden 

Mixing wodding, battwash and flour glue ready for packing the salt kiln 

Introduction to Potters Materials

Packing the Gas Kiln

Firing the Gas Kiln

Unpacking the gas kiln and looking at results

Clay Preparation

Spiral Method of Wedging - Tutorial by Katrina Pechal 

Recycling Clay 

Potters who add to their clay 


Pulling a handle from the mug - by Katrina Pechal 

Finishing pulled handles on Mugs 

Making different handles for Mugs - by Katrina Pechal

Attaching Handles to Mugs - by Katrina Pechal 

Hand Building

Session 1 in Lockdown Making a Square Bowl 

Making a simple bowl 

Session 2 making a Slab-Built Bottle 

Session 3 making Clay Head 

Decorating and Glazing

Decorating my Bottles with Clay Slips 

Decorating Tea Bowls with Slurry

Mixing Glazes 

Simple Glazing Techniques 


Making your own personal Stamp/Mark

Making a scoop out of an old milk carton 

Homemade Throwing Tools 

Making a measuring tool for production throwing

Other videos

Discussing Teapots 

Making Plaster Moulds and Batts

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