Full Time 4 Week Throwing Course 

                   Sorry we have had to cancel this course due to COVID 19 restrictions  

This course is an Advanced Throwing Course aimed at potters wanting to improve 

their skills, focusing on repetition and practice.


The topics could be changed depending on the student's interests and experience.

Week I

Cylinders using 800 grams 

making a set of mugs and jugs looking at different handles and practicing repetitive throwing with

Katrina Pechal

Week 2

Lids and galleries with Katrina Pechal

Throwing with porcelain with Visiting artist Patia Davis

Week 3

Exploring different throwing techniques with Jeremy Stewart

Practicing a chosen technique 

Week 4

Practicing a chosen technique 

Bisc firing a selection of work 

The course ends with a group discussion, appraisal, and evaluation.  

It might be that you want to:

Practice repeat throwing.

Perfect your fluting or faceting.

Develop a personal way of finishing pieces looking at rims and feet/surface and throwing marks/using tools.

Design and perfect making a teapot or any chosen form, set or range.

Throw and adapt forms, joining thrown shapes together.

Focus on one form.

Focus on mastering throwing with Porcelain.

Focus on working with larger amounts of clay.

Practice throwing and stretching the clay, texturing the clay on the wheel.

We would aim to get a group of pieces glazed and fired for a presentation, but that wouldn’t be the priority.  Students could use our glazes or bring in their own. 

Cost: £1300 materials included

Accommodation: and food not included but can be booked with Emerson or Forest Row has lots of options

Duration: 4 weeks

Dates: 22nd Feb – 19th March 2021

Full Time: 9.30- 4.30 Monday – Friday

Teaching/personal-practice hours: would be roughly half and half

Presentation: Friday 26th March 

Application Deadline: 27th November 2020
Interviews will be held: Early December