Wheel Throwing Classes

With Katrina Pechal, Peter McNeame, Maya Hughes, Elizabeth Moor and Debbie Ware  

We offer weekly throwing classes run termly for all levels of experience. 

Beginners initially learn to throw small cylinders well. Eventually 
turning them into mugs and jugs with handles. They move on to making bowls,
plates and lidded containers. 

Intermediate have the opportunity to improve and develop 
a personal style. Projects could include: Teapot making, Making in sections 
Sculpting or altering thrown forms 
All students learn to wedge the clay plus decorate and glaze their work. 

Pottery Throwing lessons at Forest Row School Of Ceramics

Term Dates and Prices for 2021

Spring term 19th April - 23rd July 

Half term - 31st May - 4th June 

Charged at: £10 per hour 

Daytime 2 hours 30 minutes: £25 x number of classes per term 

Evening 2 hours: £20 x number of classes per term                    

The price does not include firing costs.

All finished artwork will be charged at

60p per 100g.

Weekly Throwing Classes.

Tuesdays All level Throwing with Maya - 9.30am-12pm 

Tuesday All level Throwing with Liz - 1pm -3.30pm 

Wednesdays All level Throwing with Peter - 9.30am-12pm  

Wednesday All level Throwing with Maya - 6.30pm-8.30pm

Thursday All level Throwing with Debbie  - 9.30am - 12pm

Thursday Intermediate to Advanced Throwing only with Katrina - 1pm - 3.30pm 

Thursday All level Throwing with Liz - 6.30pm - 8.30pm 

Please contact Katrina on 0789 444 7938 to book your place 

These classes get full very quickly, so if your interested in joining us, please let us know.