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I am of Russian background and Russian Folk Art from early childhood has had an influence. No wonder I have a passion for colour. Surface decoration on clay, playing with layering glazes, slips, under glazes and firing a vessel several times to bring out variations of colour have become integral to my ceramic work. I use a variety of techniques, although hand built pieces or vessels built on moulds are my preferred method of construction.

My work is often textured with an introduction of oxides as an under layer to the glazes producing busy curlicues, and brash colours for a strong visual impact. Russian craftsmen expressed folk tale motifs drawing on familiar images and characters through every different medium; wood, lace, textile, metal, ceramic….and their use of colour often had symbolic meaning echoing Orthodox icon painting. Be it images of fantastical birds, fish, berries, turnips, or garishly painted wooden spoon – likewise I want them to bring vibrancy and sheer exuberance to the pieces I make. Later the Russian suprematist artists like Malevich had their own version of the folkloric culture, themes, and colours. I also attempt to have a contemporary take on the energy and joie de vivre this tradition evokes. Mostly I make one off, functional and decorative pieces or unique ‘families’ of pieces.

Alissa Knight
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