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Full Time Course

Full Time Student Interviews 

Olivia Goodwin

Nicola Gillis

Cornelia Hofstetter

Marija Bichan

Babbity Barwick

Juliana Inniss

Vesna Milankovic

Student's Testimonials
Jamila 1.jpg


"In the beginning what was really great, I liked the idea that we were exposed to varying artists and tutors because each bring a different  story and way of working"

Maya 2.jpg


"Seeing it all come together at the exhibition made me feel really proud, I am proud of everyone"

Debbie 2.jpg


"It has been unbelievable the input and number of tutors that have been, it has been amazing. I have taken on board more than I thought I would and from a personal point of view over these 3 months I have really grown in confidence"

Sacha 1.jpg


"Katrina is so passionate about clay and her students so supportive and inspiring. If you have a tiny idea she immediately wants to help you make it happen and says that’s a brilliant idea lets do it”

We have all got completely different projects going on and she knows every single item, which bit of the process we are all in, she’ll say “ How are you doing with this, with that,  have you fired that, she remembers everything, she can switch from one person to another of us, she is incredible"

Joe 3.jpg


"One other thing that was really great about the course was staying at the college, being out in the countryside and not being distracted by anything that was a massive advantage I think"

Alisha 1.jpg


"I really enjoyed the experimental part of the course because it made me focus on the process rather than being too concerned with how the finished piece came out allowing me to let go and explore"

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